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What does it mean to reuse? 

Reusing items maximizes their lifespan. During the Depression, flour and grain sacks were made with attractive patterns after manufacturers noticed that these sacks were being remade into dresses. Thrift stores are great sources for second hand items looking for a new life. Reusing is easy--we'd bet you can think of several ways you repurpose and reuse items in your own lives!

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Why Reuse?

Reusing items prevents excess waste. By finding a renewable purpose for items, you help minimize not just the excess products themselves but also the energy and resources needed to produce items in the first place! 

Reusables often pay for themselves in just a few months! Single-use cups and plastic utensils can be ~60x more expensive than reusable ones over time.

Ways to Reuse

  • Bring reusable grocery bags to the store

  • Invest in a reusable water bottle and coffee tumblers (and tools to clean them)

  • Bring washable utensils and containers from home to avoid needing disposable ones

  • Use reusable bags/containers for bulk items and produce

  • Repurpose an old t-shirt into a cleaning rag

  • Use old yogurt cups or other small containers to start new plantings

  • Switch to rechargeable batteries

  • Use washable napkins, dish rags, and sponges

  • Learn how to mend! Sewing on a button or fixing a seam is easy and saves the waste of discarding an item that could be fixed 

  • Reuse and/or repurpose gift wrap 

Recycled Bottle Planter

Reuse Resources

You don't have to be a "handy" person to reuse things--let a specialized repair person help! There are lots of resources for things like shoe repair, mending and tailoring clothing, and fixing the dryer, among dozens more! Do you know a quality repair business? Let us know at and we can share links here! 


Shoe Repair/Cobblers


Auto Mechanics

HVAC technicians

Architectural salvage

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